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Geriatric Chiropractic Care in Jefferson City

office worker wrist painWhile “age is just a number” may be an excellent mantra for keeping a youthful attitude throughout life, there are things about aging that we can’t always control—like the effects of wear and tear on our joints.

Arthritis is both an inflammatory condition and a mechanical issue. When normal movement of a joint is restricted, either due to injury or an arthritic condition, it deteriorates faster. The more it degenerates, the more pain you have, and the less you can move, creating a vicious circle.

At Align Chiropractic Clinic, we have a decade of experience helping patients deal with arthritis and other issues related to the normal aging process.

Our Customized Approach

Having arthritis does not necessarily mean you have frail bones—and osteoporosis does not necessarily result in arthritis. That’s why we begin care with a comprehensive health history and thorough examination (which may include X-rays) to assess your specific situation. Armed with an accurate diagnosis, your chiropractor will design a care plan tailored to your individual needs, preferences and goals.

We offer various adjusting techniques, and we incorporate many soft-tissue modalities, such as FAKTR, Graston, Active Release-style techniques and more. This focus on the muscles and ligaments helps improve or maintain the range of motion you have, with the goal of keeping you active and doing the things you love to do for a lifetime.

Naturally, for patients with osteoporosis—and for any patient who prefers it—we will use gentle, low-force techniques that may be either manual (hands-on) or instrument-assisted. As will all of our care, your comfort is our number one priority.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If you’re getting into the “senior citizen” age range and don’t have issues like arthritis—great! We still recommend regular chiropractic care to keep all your joints moving freely, and to help prevent or slow the degenerative process that the effects of gravity make inevitable.

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