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About Align Chiropractic Clinic

We’re confident we can help you get better without drugs or surgery, and we hope to build that confidence in you as well. Everything we do comes from the perspective of understanding your personal goals and helping you achieve them.

Evolving Focus

When Dr. Brandon Johns opened Align Chiropractic Clinic in 2014, our primary focus was on treating athletes. Over the years, we’ve shifted our approach and now apply the skills and techniques needed for treating athletes to people of all walks of life and any activity level.

If a person has the competitive spirit within them – meaning that they want to improve and win at life – we know that once they decide to seek chiropractic care to get better, they will do whatever it takes to reach their goals. We love working with patients who have that kind of determination because it’s so rewarding to see people get back to doing the things they love to do.

A Patient Success Story

One of our favorite cases was a woman who’d had constant headaches for over ten years. Doctors had tried everything and nothing worked. Finally, as a last resort, she came to us for chiropractic care. After four visits, this patient went an entire week without a headache for the first time in a decade. The joy she felt in getting her life back is what motivates our team. We want everyone to regain and maintain their health and wellness and to get the most out of their lives!

Serving the Community

We opened our Westside practice in 2014, and we expanded to include our Eastside office in 2019 for the simple reason that so many of our patients had to drive over 45 minutes just to get care. We want to make receiving excellent chiropractic care as convenient as possible for everyone in Jefferson City.

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About Align Chiropractic Clinic